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Climbing Jamaica’s Highest Peak

It’s one of the top ten things to do in Jamaica: to see the sunrise from Blue Mountains’ highest peak. It’s also something that I figure will be pretty much impossible with a baby, so I had a huge desire to do it – and to do it as soon as possible because at 7 months’ pregnant, I am not getting any smaller!

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Before Leaving: 3 Favourite Things to Do in Dublin

Both me and H decided on 3 of our favourite things to do in Dublin, that we wanted to do before we left. Here’s our lists – mine involving radically less drinking and horse-riding than it might have done if I wasn’t pregnant!

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I’m having my baby… IN JAMAICA!”

“Hi, I’m 23 weeks pregnant, and I’m having my baby.. IN JAMAICA!” That has to be one of the bizzarest statements I’ve ever made. I have no idea why our pregnancy yoga teacher insists that each week we go round in a circle like Alcoholics Anonymous, and say how many weeks gone we are and where we are having our babies.

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