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A Day Trip to the Caribbean

Sounds impossible right? After being locked down in Panama city for so many months, then stumped by endless difficulties getting number plates for our imported American car, it sounded like a serious break for freedom, which we were delighted to take! Less than 2 hours on the road took us from Panama’s high-rise modernity on …

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Our Stolen Summer. Part 1: Escape from Panama!

So we’re back to Panama after two months away, after what felt like some serious bunking off. You know that delicious sneaky feeling of making time, being somewhere you are not supposed to be, with people you are not supposed to see. First horses, then boys, now I’m sneaking back home to see my eldery …

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Our first bike ride in 3 months

Last week, total quarantine lifted for the first time in about 75 days here in Panama, and the children were allowed outside. Only between 4 and 7pm, but still! How exciting it was going to be! And hot! We went for a family bike ride and I felt about as wobbily as my six year …

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Zooming into Spanish lessons with

For the last 6 weeks, I have been learning Spanish online with For a flat rate of $129 USD a month, I have had unlimited hours of very professional teaching – video calling Venezuela for lessons online! 37 hours to be exact, which seems like fantastic value for money. What’s it been like learning …

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