Vegan Restaurants in Barbados

Eating out in Barbados can be tricky. Menus are full of fish and meat, many things come smothered in a creamy sauce. And waiting staff can be pretty eye rolley about suggesting alternatives. Here’s some restaurants that either had good vegan options, or didn’t treat me like a freak!

Good restaurants for vegans in Barbados (fanciest first!)

  • El Primo in Lawrence Gap (out of all the expensive restaurants I have been to here in Barbados, El Primo were really friendly about dealing with a vegan! Chef came out to talk to me personally then made me a divine veggie roti.
  • Apsara
  • The Lion’s Share at Warrens
  • The Good Life Cafe at Hastings
  • The Vegan Cottage – not tried this out yet
  • Urban Kitchen – delicious rotis
  • The Roti Den, Holders Hill
  • Chefette – Good potato roti, don’t miss their delicious lentil roti that’s only available during Lent

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