Going NUTS in Barbados

Everything is expensive in Barbados. Excluding turquoise waters and breath-taking sunsets, of course, which is how we all remain sane. But an actual bag of nuts? Enough to actually make you count out 6 for a snack. But I did recently find sanctuary – and reasonably priced cashews – at a little shop called The Nut Place….

I’d heard about The Nut Place from my Bajan house-keeper who was shocked by the cost of the nuts I’d been buying from the expensive supermarkets – though I thought I had it down to a fine art; large bags of raw almonds and blanched peanuts from Cost u Less, small bags of cashews and seeds from Massy, hand packs of peanuts and trail mix from Dollarwise…

Anyway, she told me there was a wholesale shop for nuts (and presumably nut-cases like me) called The Nut Place on Suttle Street, near the end of Swan Street in Bridgetown.

It was in my mind for a month. Particularly as I bought a bag of peanuts that had The Nut Place printed on it! A SIGN!! Literally! But, as I rarely need to go into Bridgetown; still slightly intimidated by the vague one-way systems, randomly moving traffic and mysteriously organised parking lots that could leave you long hot walks from where you want to be, I didn’t actually get there until this Monday!

And I was glad I did. I parked at James Street private parking ($1.50 for an hour) turned right along James Street and Suttle Street is a little lane, with a tiny sign, pretty much opposite you across the main road.

The Nut Place is a tiny shop, but seemed continuously busy.  The whole time I was lurking about there were at least 3 or 4 customers waiting and the service is quick and courteous. There’s a clear sign with all the prices per weight. Every kind of nut seemed cheaper than the supermarkets, except for almonds, which are still much cheaper for a big bag at Cost U Less.

I bought 1lb of cashews for $24 BBD which seemed like a bargain (as long as I didn’t eat the whole lot at once), 2 lbs of raw peanuts in their shells, then various quantities of walnuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

Feeling like a very successful squirrel, I pretty much skipped down the road! Delighted to have found it, definitely will be back, as I am now a certifiable nutter. Only pity is, they don’t sell a few nut products; fresh almond milk, cashew cream cheese or sauces would be great.

Anyway, my slightly random vegan cooking goes down much better with the family when liberally showered in nuts! Chopped, toasted, fried… So, that night we had we had stir-fried noodles and green beans with cashew nuts and a honey soy sauce!

2 thoughts on “Going NUTS in Barbados

  1. Y. Haarrow

    Wow…you’re literally teaching me places in Barbados! I too love nuts and will definitely make the journey..


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