After 2 years of co-ordingating ‘Babygroup’, I was delighted to have the best turn-out ever for my last week of orgnanising it.

I think there must have been 17 mummies and babies, loads of whom are new members.  It was one little boy’s first birthday and last group, so good luck baby S!! The lovely (and sometimes sad!) thing about Babygroup is the constant rejeuvenation of the group as new mummies and babies come through. Having been such a long-term member what with two babies so close together, I would know..

Babygroup has been a life-saver for me, a regular chance to meet up with other mummies to get support, encouragement, information and often, pretty good cake! I started going the week I arrived in Jamaica when pregnant with my first baby, I even went while in labour with him as I wasn’t very far along and didn’t know what else to do! I took him his on his first week, and have made it most weeks, now bringing along my second child for the general scrum on the floor with the other babies.

Anyway, I’m still going to go sometimes, I’m jsut delighted to not have to co-ordinate it anymore! Thank you to all the mummies involved in making it such a great group 🙂



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