My first Jamaican TV appearance!

After  advertising my HypnoBirthing classes on Facebook, a producer from Smile Jamaica on TVJ, contacted me to ask me if I’d like to come on the show! Though I was pretty terrified as to how it would go, as most Jamaicans I’ve met seem to think HypnoBirthing is Voodoo or just simple insanity. I decided to take Daisy, to give the viewers something else to look at other than me rabitting on. Our beloved helper, Auntie Carmel, would not be persuaded to come along to hold her, she was much happier to stay at home and mind my toddler.

So, I took along Nurse Shaw, a fantastic baby nurse who you can hire to look after your screaming brat when you are dying to get some sleep! One of the lovely perks about life in Jamaica… I think I may have cheesed off the lady presenter, Dahlia, before we even started. She was in the make-up room while they were lathering on mine, and I asked her if she was the producer who had contacted me… Got a dirty look! She’s obviously a Jamaican celebrity, if you watch morning TV here!

Since the interview, I have had ZERO HypnoBirthing enquiries. But, lots of the domestic staff who work in the houses around where I live, saw the show. I keep getting taps on the back as I’m out walking Daisy, with, ‘Mrs S! We saw you on the telly! You did great!’ Not sure if these ladies are my target audience, or if they even roughly understood what HypnoBirthing is all about, but at least they didn’t think it was Voodoo!


3 thoughts on “My first Jamaican TV appearance!

  1. Camille

    I didn’t see the show but I live in Liguanea and am due January 20th and have just recently (this week) after meeting with a doula, decided that I would like to give birth naturally and so started doing my research. Is there a better way to contact you to discuss the hypnobirthing classes? Am I wayyyyy too late to learn any of the techniques and do this naturally? That’s my main fear, that am I’m a little too late with all this… I’ve already made my appointment etc to deliver at Andrews and am so apprehensive about what their reactions will be to my natural birth plan desires!

    1. hot expat mummy Post author

      Hi Camille, great stuff! Will send u a private email, but in the meantime check out my site

      I am starting an intense course on Jan 6th which will be finished by 22nd.. Because I have some other nearly due ladies attending too! That class is now full, but I might open up another evening session..

      I’ll send you some more info tomorrow. But it’s definitely not too late!


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